RuffleBunny Swimwear

Swatch 1: Funny Mustaches

Annette the designer says, " Fun and creative girls want this look.  They can giggle and laugh at silly jokes."

Match with:

Deep Blue Sheer Chiffon / Colorful Mustaches       Deep Teal Lycra / Colorful Mustaches

Mood Fabrics: Colorful Mustache Printed on Stretch Neoprene/Scuba Knit

Swatch 2: Asters and Poppies

Annette the designer says, " "
Match with:

Mood Fabrics:  Neoprene/Lycra 

Swatch 3: Royal Blue Waters with Gold lines

Annette the designer says, " "
Match with:

Mood Fabrics:  Neoprene/Lycra 

Swatch 4: Yummy Cookies

Mood Fabrics: 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Digitally Printed Stretch Neoprene/Scuba Knit

Match with:

Swatch 5: Funky Geometrics

Match with:

Swatch 6: Underwater Green Stained Glass

Mood Fabrics: Green Stained Glass Digitally Printed Stretch Neoprene/Scuba Knit 

Swatch 7: Seaweed

Swatch 8: Moonlight Lake

Swatch 9: Rustic Tiger

Swatch 10: Colorful Polka Dots

G-Street Fabrics:

Swatch 11: Black Ruffles and Metallic Silver Dots

Mood Fabrics: 

Swatch 12: Silver Circles on Black

Swatch 13: Vintage Flowers

Swatch: Funky and Shiny Red & Black Houndstooth

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